Tom Benz’s Dark & Beautiful Folk Tale

tom benz

Tom Benz is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with a taste for Irish/American Folk, Bluegrass and traditional Country music. Born in Germany and based in the city of Glauburg, at a young age he found an appreciation for artists like the legendary Hank Williams, Johnny Cash and the Irish Folk/Punk pioneers The Pogues.

Over the years Tom Benz learned to play a number of acoustic instruments including guitar, drums and harmonica. However, double bass is his passion. He plays the instrument in the Folk/Blues band Them Damned OlĀ“Hillbillies. During the pandemic Tom joined the site Bandlab and since has produced a remarkable catalog of over 100 originals and covers.Ā 

“Down in the Willow Garden ” is the latest single and video from Tom Benz, released worldwide by Bandlab and YouTube on November 3, 2021. The song is a cover of a particularly eerie traditional Celtic/Appalachian Folk song. Also known as “Rose Connelly,” the tune is a murder tale told from the perspective of the perpetrator. Through the course of the song, our antihero meets his lover in the garden only to poison and stab her before throwing her lifeless body into the river.

It is as beautiful as it is creepy. Tom Benz sings the lead vocal over an instrumental provided by Mark Howard & Stuart Duncan. Dulcimer, guitar, fiddle, mandolin and bass, together weave a gorgeous acoustic tapestry. Meanwhile Tom delivers a quiet and soulful vocal featuring subtle vocal harmonies and a warm, organic production.

Check out the “Down in the Willow Garden” video below. Follow the links below to connect with Tom Benz. Get on his profiles and dig into his rich catalog of work.

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