The Bitter Stars – Dance Me To Death

the bitter stars

Regular readers of The Static Dive first heard from The Bitter Stars earlier this year upon the release of their album “Winters.” They are the Upstate New York songwriting team of Clarke Hingeford and Kyle Pemrick. The album was the project’s first in 9 years. After lockdown found their live bands without gigs, the creative duo got together in the recording studio.

The Bitter Stars create experimental Alternative Rock and Psychedelic music inspired by the early pioneers of the genre. Artists like New Order, David Bowie, Television and Pink Floyd inform their sound. “Winters’ ‘ was an excellent showcase for their vision. Now it seems that their pandemic-inspired period of creativity has continued unabated. A band that was silent for nearly a decade have now released a brand new single just months after dropping their sophomore album.

“Dance Me To Death” is the new single from The Bitter Stars, released worldwide to Bandcamp on December 5, 2021. The track opens with an upbeat Alt/Rock groove and a great New Wave mix of analog synths and wonderfully over-processed electric guitars. 

A combination of electronic and acoustic percussion build the track to a driving rhythm that lands somewhere between modern EDM, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and Peter Gabriel. In the chorus the song dives deeper into experimental electronic with some nice Glitch-inspired digital distortion. As the track progresses it grows increasingly more electronic until its pounding beat and exotic guitar/violin melody take on an almost Trance quality.

Check out “Dance Me To Death” below. And follow the link below to connect with The Bitter Stars. Check out their back catalog and download your own copy of the new single at Bandcamp.

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