Nathan Yates’ Tales Of Heartache, Love and Loss

Nathan Yates

New York City’s Nathan Yates is a versatile and talented singer, songwriter and actor who has appeared on stages from the American Midwest to across Western Europe. He made his professional solo recording debut early last year with an organic sound that incorporates elements of Country, Rock and Blues.

Yates delivers deeply personal tales of heartache, love and loss. On December 17, 2021 he released his debut full-length album “Outros” to all major streaming services. The ten song collection tells the story of finding and losing love, and the myriad emotions that come with the territory.

The songs came from a very difficult time in my life and I admit I have some anxiety in sharing this all with you, but I’m also excited for you to hear it.

Nathan Yates

“Outros” opens with the Americana Soul of “Promise.” The track finds the singer recalling the excitement and hope of the early days of a relationship. As the song progresses it builds to a powerful Blues ballad, hinting at the heartbreak to come. “I Don’t Remember You” carries that bluesy vibe into a Classic Rock inspired bit of Psychedelic guitar-driven riff Rock. The hope and commitment of the opening track has already dissolved as we begin the emotionally painful decline of a tumultuous love affair.

“Light and Shadows” recalls the classic Alternative Rock of 90’s era REM. Nathan Yates sings, “this is a battle for my sanity” as he and an arena-worthy guitar solo follow the tune to its dramatic and theatrical climax. “Hard to Believe” follows with a groovy bit of lo-fi syncopated percussion and acoustic guitar. The singer questions the transformation of his lover and her newfound disinterest. Swirling arpeggios spin through the mix as an ensemble of strings and lush vocal harmonies build the track to a moving conclusion. “Some Kind Phrase” then slows things down with a melancholy Country waltz paired with soulful R&B vocals.

Fellow NYC singer/songwriter Cat Greenfield joins Nathan Yates for “Always on Your Side.” The Adult Contemporary duet is a real highpoint on the album. The two singers look at the collapse of a relationship from both sides. They deliver powerfully emotional performances over a mellow, percussive acoustic groove. “All These Other Girls” follows with a bluesy bit of Otis Redding-style Soul. 

“Lee Westbrook Got Married” picks up the tempo as the singer gives a report from his ex’s wedding over an upbeat Pop groove that lives stylistically somewhere between Elvis Costello and Billy Joel-style retro Pop/Rock. “Wrecking (Reprise)” finds the singer alone with his guitar for an introspective relationship post mortem. He is accompanied only by sparse piano chords until the song’s powerful orchestral finish. The record closes on “Without You.” Nathan Yates says farewell with a mix of Americana, Blues and a hint of Psychedelic Rock.

Check out Nathan Yates’ excellent “Outros” below, or listen on your favorite streaming service. You can also hear the track “Always on Your Side” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Nathan Yates. Get on his socials and get in the loop on all of the music to come from this gifted singer/songwriter.