Motiverse – Inspiring & Motivating With Music


Motiverse is a brand new YouTube channel that hopes to motivate and inspire the world, one music video at a time. The inspirational new station launched near the end of 2021. The site provides a library of professionally produced songs and videos. The clips serve up music, lyrics and images specifically designed to motivate and inspire. 

With over two dozen original music videos, Motiverse offers hours of uplifting Pop, Rock and Hip-hop. The songs range from romantic ballads and upbeat bops to spiritual and inspirational anthems. Their recent video “Struggle to Victory” is a power ballad that fits comfortably in the latter category. 

The video features a pair of mountain climbers ascending a snowy slope. We follow the couple as they work their way toward a wintry peak. The short film is scored by a soulful female vocalist who delivers a powerful and emotional statement of perseverance and faith. As the singer raises our spirits, a trio of piano, acoustic guitar and drums slowly build the song into a cinematic ballad that gets the blood pumping.

Check out the uplifting “Struggle to Victory” video below. In addition to their music videos, Motiverse offers NFT merchandise and other items. Throughout the year they will donate a portion of their sales to charities representative of select international holidays such as International Women’s Day and Earth Day. Follow the links below to connect. Get on their profiles and subscribe to the channel to get your regular dose of multigenre video motivation and good vibes.

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