W!G’s New Dark Pop Escape Room


On her new Dark Pop single “Escape Room,” teen singing sensation W!G takes an honest look at the downside of growing up in the spotlight.

Kenajee Drops New Single ‘Screwed’


Kenajee is an emerging independent Hip-hop artist from Stratford, CT. His latest single “Screwed” is a psychedelic melodic rap about the singer’s own busy mind

StankBottom’s Surreal New Future Music


StankBottom is a visionary musician working with AI collaborators to bridge the gap between organic and digital, with exciting and somewhat unsettling results.

Thinkbendy Sails The Seas of Time


“The Essence of Time” is the latest album from Thinkbendy, the solo project of NY jam band veteran bassist and multi-instrumentalist compser, Adam Bendy.

Phasedge Debuts New ‘Melodies’


“Melodies” is the debut EP from San Diego producer Phasedge. On the 5-track instrumental collection he brings plenty of synthwave moods & 8 bit grooves.