Sexxy Shaman Raises The Vibe With Red Love

sexxy shaman
Sexxy Shaman

Sexxy Shaman is the professional name of singer, songwriter, educator and healer Ta Trammell. The Los Angeles, California based independent artist is “on a mission to raise the vibe!” In addition to her work at virtual healing center The Soul Lab, the singer seeks to raise spiritual awareness through her music as well.

In 2020 she made her professional solo recording debut with the 6 song EP “Red Love.” The record is a fun ride through Dance, Funk and Psychedelic Rock sounds inspired by the legends of those genres. Throughout the journey, our Sexxy Shaman makes sure to keep both our head and our feet in the clouds.

“Fantastic Voyage” opens the record with a bit of seventh chord 70’s R&B piano Soul before the beat drops on a funky old-school Hip-hop groove. The track mixes elements of Disco, Funk and Jazz as Sexxy Shaman enters the mix with a smooth and soulful performance. The sweet and funky love song “Call Me Crazy” follows. Electric piano chords dance on a mix of live and electronic percussion. A mellow bass holds down the bottom as the singer sings, “Love is patient, love is kind” with a cool Donna Summer feel.

“Get You Home” takes the party to the dancefloor and brings the record’s sound into a more modern EDM/Pop vibe. Sexxy Shaman delivers a relaxed and sultry performance over a laid-back Latin House beat. The sexy slow jam “After Party” is a lot of fun. Sonically and stylistically the song pays homage to the late great Prince. With a slow jam Minneapolis funk vibe paired with suggestive lyrics and some very Prince-like guitar shredding near the end, Sexxy Shaman shows her appreciation for the Purple One. 

“Sativa” follows with a fun and easy groove in honor of everyone’s favorite weed. The singer raps and sings an easy flow over a chilled out Pop/Funk groove. It feels like summertime. With shades of everyone from David Bowie to America, “Aerospace” closes the set with a cool outer-space Folk vibe. An acoustic guitar strums at the heart of the mix as a flute and other ambient sound float on the periphery. On the mic, Sexxy Shaman sings astral poetry to match the scene in a soft and soulful mezzo-soprano. 

Check out “Red Love” in its entirety below, or listen on your favorite streaming service. You can also hear the songs “Get You Home” on the Deep Indie Dance playlist and “Fantastic Voyage” on the Deep Indie Beat. Follow the links below to connect with Sexxy Shaman. Get on her socials and get in the loop on her many projects.

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