Al & Case – Don’t Try To Fix Me

al & case
Al & Case

Al & Case are a musical duo that spawned from two decades of friendship and the unexpected downtime of the pandemic. Al Hostetter and Casey Campbell are both veterans of the film industry. They first met in 1996 while working together on the crew of the George C. Scott TV movie “Country Justice.”

Over the years the two worked on a number of other projects together. When COVID locked the world down, Al was semi-retired in PA and Casey was working as a cinematographer in Berlin, Germany. They began collaborating on music after Al published a lyric to the song “The Donald Trump Flu” on Facebook and Casey re-interpreted it as a Woody Guthrie song.  Al & Case was born.

They went on to record a number of songs inspired by a wide range of Rock, Pop and Country legends, from George Jones to The Velvet Underground. The end result was a 13-song album ‘The Quarantine Demos.’ Al shared his favorite of the tracks with The Static Dive. Released in May of 2020 on Bandcamp, “Don’t Try to Fix Me” was originally composed for a musical he wrote about the Battle of Gettysburg called ‘R Gettysburg,’ written from the point-of-view of the townspeople

“Don’t Try to Fix Me” is a dark Folk track with a timeless Americana vibe. A solo acoustic guitar plucks and strums a melodic and bluesy tune, accompanied only by a drum kit metering our a percussive rhythm on the toms. Campbell delivers Hostetter’s defiant declaration of independence in soulful rasp that brings to mind both the recent bluesier work of Bob Dylan and the world-weary wisdom of the late great Leonard Cohen.

Check out “Don’t Try to Fix Me” below. Al & Case have new songs in the hopper and Al Hostetter is currently seeking collaborators to complete his ‘R Gettysburg’ musical as Casey Campbell continues his work in Berlin. Follow the links below to connect with the artists and get in the loop on all of their creative projects to come.

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