Lisa Li-Lund: US Exclusive Premiere Video “Planet”

Lisa Li-Lund – Planet

In February of last year we debuted Lisa Li-lund’s video “Janet.” That song launched a year-long musical odyssey as we watched the story of the French-Swedish Indie legend’s album “Glass of Blood” unfold. US exclusive premieres for the videos “Muscle Memory of Missing You” and “Two Wheels” followed. Lisa even joined us for an in depth conversation about the album on the House of Static podcast.

“Glass of Blood” is a beautiful record. Through the course of 11 songs, Lisa Li-lund and her band weave a nuanced, mysterious and hypnotic sound that lands somewhere between modern Indie, Classic Rock and Alternative. It is an organic groove that mixes live guitars, bass and drums with analog synths and Lisa’s own ethereal vocals for a cool psychedelic vibe.

“Planet” is the new and final single and video from Lisa Lisa Li-lund’s “Glass of Blood,” and once again The Static Dive has the US exclusive premiere. Thematically it is a companion piece to the album’s first video “Janet,” which introduced a cryptic tale of the song’s namesake. The two make fitting bookends to the project. Once again the singer portrays our heroine, now being held captive by a mysterious character named ‘Château’ (Enzo Ambrosini).

A simple guitar and bass riff introduce the tune as Lisa floats into the mix. The singer delivers the story in her singularly poetic style. Piano, synths and strings meter out percussive arpeggios as the video’s epic unfolds. The Francois Valenza directed film tells a visually stunning tale of mystery and Science Fiction.

I told him the story behind my song, and he wrote a story inspired by my story that was inspired by my real story. Like a poetic journey through the different lives the same words can tell.

Lisa Li-Lund

Check out the US Exclusive premiere of “Planet” above. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Dive playlist, or listen on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links below to connect with Lisa L-lund. Get on her profiles and dig into “Glass of Blood” and the rest of her deep catalog of brilliant music.

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lisa li-lund
Lisa is captive. Château’s temporal trap.
The jealous. The mighty.

Bewitched by the Love she uncovers in Planet, their gifts grow powerful and freeing. Wind, Fire, and Metamorphosis, from the Astral Ashes is born Thunder Powder.

In order to escape his all-mighty power, Lisa will have to make a pact with Château.

The price for this trade: 47 years of her life.

That is the sacrifice.

Restrained, detained, within his walls, she steals one by one, the grains of the Dead Sand.

The hourglass’s powders get swapped.

She only has a few seconds left before Château realizes she manipulated him.

Lisa, evaporated, rejoins Planet before the Dead Sand turns into ashes.

For eternity.