LA Laura Paris’ Fun & Sexy New Single/Video

LA Laura Paris
LA Laura Paris

LA Laura Paris is a one-woman multimedia creative force. A singer, songwriter, DJ, composer, producer, model and film director, the multidisciplinary French artist wields all of her skills with one goal in mind; to get people on the dance floor. Or as her motto says, “Just dance, motherf****!”

The Franco-Belgian native began classical training at the age of five. It was an international and multicultural education. She studied in an English speaking school and took violin and piano lessons at the Music Academy in Brussel. Laura studied numerous styles of dance including; ballet, Jazz, tap, Hip-hop and Bollywood. 

Eventually the young artist made her way to Paris where she studied acting. There, LA Laura Paris established herself as a singer, DJ and engineer. She has collaborated with major French Touch artists, recording hit dance tracks and touring the world. In 2020 the emerging Dance/Electro-Pop artist made her debut with the single “I’m Leaving Right Away.”

LA Laura Paris' Fun & Sexy New Single/Video 1

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LA Laura Paris' Fun & Sexy New Single/Video 2

“Kissing Boys” is the brand new single from LA Laura Paris, released worldwide to all major streaming services on April 29, 2022. A hypnotic dance groove, the track mixes the sounds and drama of classic Electro-Pop with modern Progressive House experimentation. LA steps to the mic and delivers a dreamy and soulful performance as she riffs on the song’s title.

I love kissing, it makes me feel alive. It’s such a magical feeling to discover someone new for the first time.

LA Laura Paris

The song’s joyful and sexy video explores all the wonders of kissing. With scenes set in Paris, Los Angeles and Nevada’s Burning Man concert, the clip shows club kids of all ages, genders and ethnicities as they dance and kiss. Check out the video below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Dance playlist, or listen on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links below to connect with LA Laura Paris. Get on her socials and get in the loop.

LA Laura Paris' Fun & Sexy New Single/Video 3

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