GreyBaby & Chandler Frances’ Uplifting New Song and Coloring Book For Kids ‘I Can Be’

GreyBaby & Chandler Frances
I Can Be

GreyBaby and Chandler Frances are a new musical duo whose combined ages could still not get them into an R rated movie. At just 8 years-old, GreyBaby is the senior member of the team. He and 4 year-old Chandler Frances Kelly make uplifting modern children’s music.

The two young creators have a big vision for their new endeavor, with plans to bring that vision to life in both writing and song. Earlier this month they launched their project with the new single, video and coloring book “I Can Be.” The track’s simple message is empowering for kids and parents alike. 

“I Can Be” rides on a percussive midtempo Trap groove. Deep bass tones drop a laid-back Funk while ambient and melodic synths paint the edges of the mix. The singer’s then step to the mic with their encouraging reminder that the sky’s the limit. In the chorus they repeat the song’s memorable mantra while the verse features an impressive rapid-fire rap. They teach us that anything is possible with a little elbow grease.

I can be what I work to be.

GreyBaby and Chandler Frances

Check out the “I Can Be” lyric video below. The song is a companion piece to a corresponding coloring book of the same name. The duo’s music and books are all available through their website. Follow the links below to get your copies today and join these two talented young people on their new creative journey.

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“I Can Be” Coloring Book