Cucurbitophobia Unearths a Dark New Harbinger


Cucurbitophobia is the professional name of multi-instrumentalist composer Robert Benaquista (aka Rob Benny). The classically trained musician launched the project in 2018 with the album “Tapestries of Terror.” That record introduced a dark and cinematic sound inspired by the soundtracks of classic Horror cinema by legends of Neoclassicism, Expressionism, Serialism, and Atonal composition, and experimental Electronic, Dark Ambient, Prog, and Post-Industrial.

Since that debut Cucurbitophobia has released an impressive volume of work, including 6 full length LPs, 3 EPs and a string of singles. The project is the result of Rob’s in depth study of all things instrumental and terrifying. Even his artist name Cucurbitophobia (fear of pumpkins) is Halloween themed. The composer spent years studying the intricacies and compositional techniques of his favorite soundtracks from Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Adventure themed movies and video games

“The Harbinger ” is the latest release from Cucurbitophobia, released via Bandcamp on April 26, 2022. A solo piano opens the piece with. Deep bass keys rumble as dissonant upper register chords set a dark mood. At around the 1:45 mark ambient synths, minimalist percussion and sound effects enter the mix, adding to the mystery. Unexpected key changes and complex melodic structures add to mystery. Benaquista paints a stark scene. It is an unsettling and hypnotic piece of music.

Check out “The Harbinger” below, and download your own copy at Bandcamp. Follow the links below to connect with Cucurbitophobia. Get on his socials and dig into a deep catalog bone chilling cinematic music. And be afraid.

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