Paul Nourigat’s New Album ‘Slightly Serious’

Paul Nourigat's New Album 'Slightly Serious' 1
Paul Nourigat

Paul Nourigat is a singer, songwriter, guitarist and storyteller who made his professional solo recording debut three years after he first picked up his ax. The unexpected mass solitude and general uncertainty of 2020 drove people around the world to reassess and redefine their priorities. Paul reached for his guitar. Over the subsequent months he would write over 100 songs, connect with hundreds of thousands of fans and collaborate with musicians from around the world.

In April of 2021 Paul Nourigat dropped his debut album, Open Up My Days. That ten song collection of mostly acoustic originals and covers introduced an insightful singer/songwriter from Portland, Oregon with an Americana lean and a smooth, slow-hand Blues guitar style. In November of that same year he delivered the soulful 4-song Country/Rock EP, Shake Stuff Up

Slightly Serious is the brand new full length album from Paul Nourigat, released worldwide to all major streaming services on May 20, 2022. The aptly titled 10-song collection finds the talented musician delivering witty social commentary and interpersonal observations set to a genre-bending mix of Folk, Country, Blues and Rock.

From his observations on corporate culture in “Consultancy” to the novelty Country romp “Toilet Texting,” Paul Nourigat skewers the lunacy of our everyday lives. With a critical but lighthearted attitude and a razor-sharp pen, the singer calls the ridiculous among us to task. Few are immune to his sardonic wit. 

“Couth & Truth” is a slow and grungy rocker that shines a light on the echo chamber of our online world. The record doesn’t stay dark for long though as the roots rocking ‘Debut at 62’ encourages us to seize the day. The song uses Paul’s own story as inspiration, as we follow from his humble beginnings to his ‘debut at 62’.

“Imaginary Genius” is a fun Johnny Cash-style classic Country groove paired with a John Prine-esque comedic takedown of rude and self-centered people. Paul Nourigat keeps the southern vibes alive on the very funny “Mamma Flipped Me off this Morning,” a sarcastic take on marital bliss set to an upbeat honky-tonk shuffle. A smooth dobro slide mellows the mood for the sweet acoustic tune “My True Loves.”

On the slow and bluesy “One More Pair,” Paul pokes some good natured fun at his partner’s shoe obsession. The track also features some smoking lead guitar. Nourigat kicks the slackers off the couch on “Pressing Snooze” and injects a bit of Funk into his sound in the process. He keeps things light for the golf metaphor “Pretty Fair Day” and on the aforementioned commode closer.

Check out “Slightly Serious” below, or listen on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links below to connect with Paul Nourigat. His story is inspiring and his music rocks. Follow his profiles and join him on this new phase of a lifelong musical journey.

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