XEATHBED Teases New Hardcore

XEATHBED Teases New Hardcore 1

XEATHBED is an Alternative multi-genre artist from upstate New York. Working with a creative collective of like minded folks the versatile artist creates music in a broad range of styles. As both a producer and artist over the past 4 years the prolific creator has released numerous projects.

In that time he has recorded hip-hop, emo, metal and more. His most recent work has leaned toward the heavier side. He appeared here on The Static Dive with the metal trap “PHANTOMMENACE!” Last week the rocker dropped a brand new teaser to his SoundCloud that hints at an even harder sound. 

My biggest influences for the harder more aggressive this sound originate from slipknot, slayer, and the underground music scene.


At only 18 seconds long, it’s impossible to know for sure where XEATHBED’s new single “ARCHFIEND 333” will go next, but it’s safe bet it’s going be dark and heavy as hell. The quick clip of layered of power chords and a demonic guttural howl already has fans excited. Follow the links below to connect with the artist and get ready for the as yet unannounced release dates of “ARCHFIEND 333.”


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