The Antenna Tribe’s Deep Chill ‘Elastic Crowns’

the antenna tribe

The Antenna Tribe is a new collaborative music project that made their debut in 2021 with the EP Quiet Place. That record introduced a downtempo electronic group with a dreamy and slightly psychedelic sound. The project is the brainchild of a Los Angeles based producer who left a career in medicine to pursue his musical dreams.  

Regular readers of The Static Dive will remember The Antenna Tribe from a string of singles the project released earlier this year with UK singer Silke. Each track took a slightly different path through the group’s otherworldly sound. Now, they have been collected together in the new EP Elastic Crowns, released worldwide via all major streaming services on July 12, 2022.

Each of the four tracks on Elastic Crowns creates its own richly layered musical landscape. However, listening to the record as a whole adds an entirely new depth to the sound. From the hypnotic vocals and ethereal synths of “Two Hearts” to the deep house groove of its remix, The Antenna Tribe takes us on a mystical journey of trip-hop beats and deep ambient vibes. We find our zen with the meditative percussion of “Be There” and rise with the synthwave rays of the “Electric Sun“. It is a beautifully chilled out immersive experience.

Check out Elastic Crowns below, or listen on your favorite streaming service. You can also hear “Electric Sun” on the Deep Indie Chill playlist and “Two Hearts (Cloud Edit)” on the Deep Indie Dance. Follow the links below to connect with The Antenna Tribe. Get on their profiles and chill out.

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