Elly Kace’s Touching Love Ballad ‘I Knew’

elly kace

Elly Kace had already established herself as an award-winning, world-renowned opera singer when she made her debut as a singer/songwriter last year with the 11-track full length album, Nothing I see means anything. That record introduced a soulful singer and songwriter with an ethereal vibe. Her sound pairs modern dark pop moods with classic trip-hop grooves and experimental alt-pop production.

Citing a broad range of influences including Björk, Kate Bush, and Lady Gaga, Elly Kace creates a hypnotic pop sound. Her album appeared on the NACC top 200 chart and received rave reviews from media outlets like Under the Radar and Two Story Melody.

Two weeks before her wedding, the singer decided to surprise her partner with a traditional love song. She wrote and recorded the track in secret over the course of two weeks. “I Knew,” is the result. Released worldwide via all major streaming services on July 27, 2022, the song is a beautiful, r&b-fueled adult contemporary ballad. Elly unveiled the song during the couple’s first dance.

It was such a special moment for us, so we wanted to share it with the world. Hope it makes you want to grab your loved ones.
Elly Kace

Check out “I Knew” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Songwriters playlist, or listen on your favorite streaming service follow the links below to connect with Elly Kace. get on her socials and get in the loop on all of the music to come from this deeply talented and versatile artist.

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