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Harvey Real Estate Investments offers a whole new way to invest. Their unique approach takes advantage of modern crowdfunding, gig economy and cryptocurrency technologies to simplify the process and amplify profits.

The crowdfunded investment company operates specifically in rental services. They invest client funds to acquire long term rentals, furnish the units and then rent them out as Airbnb properties. It is a model the company founders are already using to make big profits. Now they are opening the opportunity up to the public.

Traditional real estate investment models often require large investments which then become tied up in long term, inequitable deposit accounts. Investors are left at the mercy of fund managers and have little control over the fate of their money. By focusing on rental properties, Harvey Real Estate Investments is able to allow for a much more fluid process requiring much smaller investments.

Potential investors can get started for as little as $200. Deposits are made via cryptocurrencies for faster and less complicated paperwork and delays. This also allows for tax-free profits since the company is taxed for the services instead of investors. Profits accumulate daily and can be withdrawn weekly.

Follow the links below to connect with Harvey Real Estate Investments. Dig into their website for more on the company’s history and their bold new vision for real estate investment. Join today and start making real, weekly profits in real estate without the hassle of credit checks, tenant problems or high-stakes financial risk. Invest in the future of real estate.

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