Orange Vibe’s New Korean Rock & Soul

orange vibe

Orange Vibe are an emerging independent band with a live, guitar-driven sound. The bi-lingual Korean group made their debut in 2021 with the singles “Waves.” That track introduced a funky, female-fronted four piece that weaves influences from across the decades of rock, pop, jazz and soul music.

The group cites a broad range of artists as inspiration including; Pink Floyd, Etta James, The Cranberries, Incubus, Portishead, Alabama Shakes, PVRIS and Plini. Their sound lands somewhere between neo-soul, alternative rock and modern dark pop. In recent months the band has built their fanbase by periodically publishing live performance covers on their popular YouTube channel.

On July 29, 2022, Orange Vibe dropped their debut self-titled full-length album. The eight track album is a fantastic showcase for the impressive songwriting and performing chops of this talented young Korean band. From the opening blues/funk groove of “Flower Bed” to the downtempo alt-rock climate change lament, “Northern Polada” the band creates soulful rock moods and ethereal dream pop scenes.

Singing in both Korean and English, lead vocalist and songwriter Chaery shines. The singer strikes the perfect balance between technical expertise and emotional vulnerability. She slides easily between moments of dreamy modern pop, classic and alternative rock and bluesy soul riffs.

The band conjures a 90’s alternative vibe on tracks like “Sunburst” and “Distance.” There is strong blues/rock influence throughout, as on the Santana-inspired “Wilderness” and the Texas-tinged “Liquor.” The band’s performance is exceptional, with some particularly nice guitar playing throughout the album. 

Check out the fun behind-the-scenes “Sunburst” video below. You can also hear the song Northern Polada on the Deep Indie Dive playlist, or listen to the entire album on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links below to connect with Orange Vibe. Get on their socials and follow this exciting young band on their musical journey. 

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