WOW Sound – Singapore Sisters Revolutionize The Video Game Music Industry

WOW Sound is the brainchild of a pair of musical twins from Singapore. In 2015 they were working as composers in the video game industry. When they found themselves unexpectedly unemployed they decided to take their careers into their own hands. They created a platform dedicated to providing anime artists and game developers with high quality, royalty free sound effects and music.

Since their launch, sisters Sing Ern and Sing Huey have worked with thousands of developers and animators. They create epic science fiction and fantasy themes. Their signature cinematic sound and complex compositional structures set WOW Sound apart from their peers. Years of shared experience in the industry, paired with their unique sisterly bond allows them to envision fantastical worlds together and bring them to life in sound. Check out the sampler below.

WOW Sound has over 2500 sound effects and music tracks in a library with robust filtering and sorting features. Their compositions have appeared in blockbuster games like Last Day on Earth: Survival by Kefir games, which has over 100 million downloads. In addition to pitching their own compositions, Sing Ern and Sing Huey help other composers find work. WOW Sound is their platform for connecting musicians and the gaming industry.

We just started a subscription model for content creators who need a massive amount of music but cannot afford to license tracks on a per-track basis. We are still experimenting with this business model, but we believe it is a win-win situation for both the artist and the content creator.
Sing Ern and Sing Huey

Whether you are making music or games, WOW Sound wants to hear from you. At the site game developers can find thousands of royalty free tracks and a knowledgeable and talented team. Composers will find a supportive pair of industry veterans dedicated to helping composers break into the business. Follow the links below to connect with the talented twins.

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