Uprising Metal Band The Chain of Eris Drops Another Gem

chain of eris

Once you recognise the taste of metal music, you cannot get enough of it. Metal fans know that no matter how old a song is or how many times you have listened to a song, you will never get tired of it. However, you will still crave more metal. To fulfill the desires of metal fans as well as keep growing the worth of rock metal, wonderful artists keep coming from the shadows and sharing their inner art through music. One such new and rising metal band is The Chain of Eris.

About the Band

The Chain of Eris is an up and coming metal band getting popular for its unique style of dark rock metal. The band comprises two talented artists; the handsome Heorhi Votika, who plays the role of drummer, guitarist, pianist, and vocalist; and the gorgeous Olga Kvasnevskaya, who is the lead singer, guitarist, and known for her expert skills on bass guitar. They published the band The Chain of Eris officially in September 2021 when they released their first album, “American Darkness.” It contained 25 songs, giving absolute satisfaction to metal fans. All the songs are incredibly lavish to listen to, with their attractive musical forms and extraordinarily charming voices.

Besides “American Darkness”, the band has released a number of hit singles such as “Love Can’t Breath”, “Murder Ballade”, “Gegen Die Wand” and many more. In 2022, they released another full-length album, “Wrong,” which is becoming the reason for the band’s popularity. It contained 10 songs, many of which became hits. The band was successful in showing their pure talent.

About the New Song

The duo released another single on June 7th, 2022. Both Heorhi and Olga produced the song themselves and recorded it in their home studio in White River Junction, Vermont. The song is the main part of their upcoming album. The song offers the view of beauty and infinity. 

According to the artists, the song is a kind of self-talk to prepare for the return to reality. Preparing and motivating yourself for something is one of the most complicated matters in the world. It needs a depth of understanding. That is why the song is a lot longer than usual. Through this piece of gem, the artists provided the inner depth. The artist shared some words regarding the song

The song was written for Christmas. During the recording process, I didn't think about how it would be, but I became scared after the recording. She seemed to be born from nowhere and looked at me. And I became uncomfortable. It's like I have nothing to do with the song. There is a refrain: "Demon mine is you." Behold, a demon was born.
The Chain of Eris

The song is available on all major streaming services

Upcoming Project

Nowadays, The Chain of Eris is settled in Vermont USA and getting ready for another project. They are Planning tour and thinking about collaboration with other artists and musicians this way (touring). Let’s see when the next will drop.

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