Ava Bryant’s Introspective & Inspiring Indie-Pop

ava bryant

Ava Bryant is an emerging indie-pop singer born and raised in Houston, Texas and now based in New York City. She made her professional solo recording debut in 2018, introducing a talented young singer/songwriter with a deeply personal and infectiously catchy sound. She is a young artist finding her way in the world and chronicling the journey in an ever-growing catalog of infectiously catchy autobiographical pop songs.

Since her debut, Ava Bryant has released a half dozen singles and two EPs. The prolific artist has connected with fans worldwide thanks to hits like “it’s so fun!” and her debut single “Always You” which currently clocks in at over two million streams on Spotify. Her new record is a 5-song confessional letter to home that will ring true with young people everywhere who are stepping out into the world for the first time.

“my life so far” is the brand new EP from Ava Bryant, released worldwide via all major streaming services on September 23, 2022. The record opens with the Taylor Swiftian, southern-tinged introspective pop of “who the hell am i anyway?” On the track Ava captures all of the angst and excitement of moving away from home for the first time.

“it’s so fun!” takes an honest look at the bad decisions and debauchery inherent to young adulthood. The song rides a chill mid-tempo groove as Ava Bryant both criticizes and celebrates the foolishness of she and her friends. Throughout the record the singer peppers her pop nuggets with clever lyrical twists of phrase. For instance, on the dreamy relationship post-mortem “forget me” she sings, “The body’s not even cold, but people do what they’re told. Don’t wait for me to get old to forget me.”

On that song and the subsequent “give me you”, Ava Bryant invokes an artsy/intellectual pop vibe reminiscent of Maggie Rogers and the great Kate Bush. Lush layers of vocal harmony ride percussive piano pop grooves as she drops her smart lyrical love letters. The EP closes on a touching and inspirational anthem. The singer offers words of wisdom to her peers as she finds a lovely calm amidst the world’s whirlwinds.

Check out “my life so far” in its entirety below, or listen on your favorite streaming service. You can also hear the song “we’ll be okay” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Ava Bryant. Get on her socials and get in the loop on all of the music to come from this exciting new voice.

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