Scilence’s Wild Ride – The Solo Cup EP


Scilence is the professional name of emerging independent hip-hop and electronic artist Sidney Branch. She made her solo recording debut in 2019 with the single “Drip so Trippy”. That record introduced a talented and multifaceted LA-based singer, songwriter, rapper and multi-instrumentalist producer. 

Originally from the DMV, Sidney eventually made her way to the West Coast where she trained to be a recording engineer. Since her debut the prolific producer has dropped two EPs and a string of singles. She even collaborated with D12 alum Bizarre on her hit “Crush”.

The Solo Cup E.P. is the latest release from Scilence, available worldwide via all major streaming platforms. The record opens on the trippy jam, “Heights”. Ethereal arpeggios ride a hard trap beat as the singer’s wordless chant floats on the horizon.  From there the record launches into a groovy 5-song psychedelic hip-hop slide down the rabbit hole.  With a wild mix of hip-hop beats, ambient synths and guitars, Scilence delivers surreal dream scenes. 

On tracks like “Nights Like This” and the single “Vegas”, Branch uses her voice as an instrument, singing, rapping, whispering and screaming her stream-of-consciousness narrative. It’s a story of drinking, drugging and questionable relationships. She tells her tale soulful r&b verses, melodic bars and a healthy dose of humor.  

There is an implied party theme to the record. The title refers to the classic red ‘Solo’ plastic cup seen at keg parties and underground raves for the last 50 or so. But there is a lot more going on here. Scilence’s music is smart and nuanced. It’s musical theater. The scene is the Vegas strip and our story’s protagonist is a an exceptionally talented party girl with a recording studio.

As the record progresses tracks like “To Your Workplace” and “Breakfast is 4 Champs, Pt.1 ” take us deeper into the genre-bending world of Scilence. It’s a great ride. At times the record recalls the work of similarly eclectic artists like Travis Scott and  Young Thug. However, there are no lazy mixtape mashups here. Branch is a top notch producer creating some groundbreaking work.

I'm different. Yes, I'm different.
from "To Your Workplace"

Watch Elvis officiate Scilence’s wedding to a blow-up doll in the fabulous “Vegas” video. And check out The Solo Cup E.P. on your favorite streaming service. You can also hear “Vegas” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Scilence. Get on her socials and get in the loop on all the music to come from this exciting talent.

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