Logan J Blackman’s New Contemporary Classical

Logan J Blackman is a classical music composer, conductor and multi-instrumentalist. Born and raised in Paducah, Kentucky, he began composing music when he was just 12 years-old. The talented young artist would eventually go on to earn a masters degree in conducting and a bachelors in bassoon performance from the University of Kentucky.

Since graduating, Logan J Blackman has released three original compositions via his Soundcloud page as well as a number of live performances on his YouTube channel. His original work introduces a gifted and nuanced composer.

“Logic of a Madman” is a quirky composition for bassoon performed in three movements. The piece features solo and harmonized bassoons in a rhythmic and experimental interpretation of a set of nonsense poems the composer wrote in high school. It is a melodically adventurous and fun piece of music.

Composed for and premiered at Logan J Blackman’s senior recital, “Sonata for Bassoon and Piano” takes inspiration from the staple bassoon concerto by Carl Maria von Weber. The composer explains that he wrote the music to represent his admiration for the great Ludwig van Beethoven. It is a beautiful piece that transitions from a joyful first movement to a somber mood in the second, before reaching a cinematic close.

“Prayer For a Broken Heart” is Logan J Blackman’s emotional and deeply personal pièce de résistance. Premiered in 2017 under his own baton with the University of Kentucky Symphony orchestra, it was written in honor of the musician’s parents who were tragically killed in a 2011 motorcycle accident. He was only 15 at the time of their deaths. The powerful performance (video below) captures all of anguish, melancholy and heartache of the devastating loss.

Watch Logan J Blackman conducting the University of Kentucky Symphony orchestra in a live rendition of his powerful original composition “Prayer For a Broken Heart.” Follow the links below to connect with the artist. 

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