Greg Hoy & The Boys Drop New EP

greg hoy

Greg Hoy and the Boys is a three piece rock ensemble from Oakland, California. Regular readers of The Static Dive will remember the group and its prolific leader from last year’s ‘Highway 101‘.  That record introduced a veteran of both the East and West coast indie scenes and his band of garage rock virtuosos.  

After moving to Northern California, Greg Hoy proceeded to release a remarkable volume of work. He has worked as a solo artist and with his bands The Royal Panics and Greg Hoy & The Boys to produce dozens of singles, EPs and albums. In the years prior he made a name for himself in New York City’s trendy Greenwich Village.

“Demons at Night ” is the latest single and title track from the brand new EP by Greg Hoy & the Boys, released worldwide via all major streaming services on October 7, 2022. The four-song set is a fun ride through the guitar-driven power-pop of the late 70’s and early 80’s. If Big Star, Cheap Trick and Van Halen were to have a love child, it would sound a lot like Greg Hoy & the Boys.

From the grungy art-rock intro of “1983” to the synth-rock anthem “Stripes”, the record feels like a cruise through the FM dial circa 1979. Infectious pop hooks ride a Marshall amp-fueled wave. On the title track, Hoy delivers a philosophical takedown of the dating scene with equal doses of alt-rock cool and hair band flash. 

Check out the “Demons at Night” EP below, listen on your favorite streaming service or download your own copy at Bandcamp. You can also hear the title track on the Deep Indie Dive playlist.  Follow the links below to connect with Greg Hoy & the Boys. Get on their socials and dig into a deep catalog of rock & roll.

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