Soul Mortgage Project – Never Give Up

soul mortgage project

Soul Mortgage Project is the brainchild of guitarist, songwriter and producer Mario Stoykov. The multi-instrumentalist is best known as the axe-man for popular Bulgarian progressive rock band Two Bucks Toys. The guitar player created his new side project as a way to make alternative rock music with a few friends. Some of those friends live in other countries, and the project soon became an international affair.

The members of Soul Mortgage Project each work remotely from one another, transferring tracks over the internet. Publishing their music exclusively to Bandcamp and YouTube for now, the group made their debut in 2021 with the singles “Shut the Door”, “Lush Vale” and “Flying in the Wind”.

Those tracks introduced a hard rocking pan-European collaboration featuring Mario Stoykov (Bulgaria) on guitar and bass, Silvio Centamore (Italy) on drums and Tomas Baptista (UK) on vocals. Now the band is back for new music in 2022. And this time they have a new man on the mic.

“Never Give Up” is the brand new single from Soul Mortgage Project, released to YouTube on October 10, 2022. A louder than bombs guitar and bass riff rides Silvio’s Bonham-worthy thunder on this heavy alt-metal rocker. Canadian vocalist Wazzmo steps to the mic with a gravely rock & roll growl as he delivers a darkly motivational and mildly paranoid battle cry.

Check out “Never Give Up” below. Follow the links below to connect with the Soul Mortgage Project. Get on their socials and get in the loop. Join Mario and crew on this new phase of their musical journey.

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