Moon and Aries Break The Matrix Ep. 2

moon and aries

Moon and Aries are an international songwriting and production team who made their recording debut in February with the album “The Arrival“. Readers of The Static Dive have followed the prolific duo from the beginning. In recent months they have released three subsequent EPs. 

The group consists of German composer/producer Tom Aries and Canadian singer/songwriter Jordana Moon. Both are veterans of numerous solo and collaborative projects. The intercontinental pair came together over a mutual appreciation of old-school downtempo grooves and uplifting mystical moods. Their sound is a dreamy organic and electronic mix.

“Break The Matrix (Episode Two)” is the brand new EP from Moon and Aries, released worldwide via all major streaming services on November 3, 2022. As the title suggests, the record is a follow-up to part one of a cryptic retro-future science fiction tale. 

The record opens with “Codes and Circles”. A funky mix of synth and piano arpeggios introduces the track before the beat drops on a classic, laid-back trip-hop groove. Jordana steps to the mic and we slide with her into the ethereal Moon & Aries universe. It’s a world of angelic vocals, ambient synths, downtempo vibes and esoteric tales of myth and mystery. “The Butterfly Effect” picks up the tempo a bit for a cool, organic 90s-inspired alt-pop shuffle.

On “Rescued”, Tom Aries replaces some of the organic elements of the previous two tracks with their electronic counterparts. The synth-pop and trip-hop pairing proves the perfectly chilled recipe to close out the set. Each song on the EP comes with an appropriately dreamy video. The the groovy “Codes and Circles” sci-fi storyboard cartoon is a real highlight.

Check out the videos below, or listen to the entire EP on your favorite streaming service. You can also hear the song “Codes and Circles” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Moon and Aries. Get on their socials, and chill out.

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Codes and Circles

The Butterfly Effect