Alex Genadinik’s New Take On A Cohen Classic

Alex Genadinik

New York City based musician and entrepreneur Alex Genadinik has spent the last two years developing a deep catalog of singer/songwriter folk, rock and pop music. In that time he has released a series of singles and videos. His sound is built around the acoustic guitar, however his songs also frequently feature elaborate supporting ensembles including strings, horns and a full band backing him up.

Static Dive readers have been following Alex Genadinik’s project from the beginning, from “Enchanting Woman” to “My Love’s Naive and Out of Fashion”. Also an accomplished businessman, the multi-talented creator regularly incorporates his music into his various business ventures like Touched By a Song and Problemio. With titles like “Oh Michelangelo” and “Road Less Traveled”, his songs are often inspired by the masters.

“Who By Fire” is the brand new video from Alex Genadinik, released worldwide via YouTube on December 12, 2022. This time the singer offers a rare cover song. Rather than writing music inspired by a master, he has chosen to record a song written by one. Written by the late great Leonard Cohen, “Who By Fire” is an Old Testament-inspired reckoning. With an orchestral rock production backing him up, Alex recites Cohen’s dire and inventories the fate of our souls.

Watch the “Who By Fire” video below. Follow the links at the end of this article to connect with Alex Genadinik. Get on his socials, YouTube channel and websites to follow this versatile artist’s many creative endeavors.

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