PANDTN Drops New Remix Album


We first heard from PANDTN earlier this year upon the release of the single “The Gap Between“. That track introduced The Static Dive readers to Vladimir Levintovich. He is a multi-talented singer, songwriter and producer who made his professional recording debut in 2022.

The name PANDTN stands for ‘progress and transformation’, and it bears important significance to Vladimir. The project is the realization of a lifelong dream for the Tel Aviv, Israel native. For 25 years he dreamed of becoming a singer in a rock and roll band. This year he made it happen when he launched his brand new solo project.

“Close The Gap (Remixes)” is the brand new remix album from PANDTN, released worldwide via all major streaming services on November 14, 2022. The nine-track collection features a series of remixes of Levintovich’s first two singles as well as a brand new song, “Close the Gap”. On each mix, the eclectic creator takes his signature post-punk sound into all new musical realms.

The record opens on an instrumental mix of PANDTN’s debut single “Open the Window ”, the track features a mix of Cure-style dark wave synths and guitars over a downtempo minor-key electro-pop funk. The single version of “The Gap Between” and the new “Close the Gap ” follow. On the latter track, acoustic and electric guitars create a moody scene as the singer repeats a mantra of the song’s title.

The experimentation continues as PANDTN takes his sound into the worlds of hard rock and EDM. We hit the dance floor for a banging house version of “The Gap Between”, and then head to the mosh pit for “Close the Gap (Energetic Version)” and “Open the Window (Punk Rock Version)”. The record ends on a sweeping cinematic orchestral version of “Open the Window”.

Check out “Close The Gap (Remixes)” by PANDTN below, or listen on your favorite streaming service. You can also hear “Open the Window (Punk Rock Version)” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist and “The Gap Between (Dance Remix)” on the Deep Indie Dance. Follow the links below to connect with PANDTN. Get on his socials and get in the loop on all of the music to come from this talented and versatile artist.

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