SugaRiot’s Chill New Funk ‘Penny Jar’


SugaRiot is the alter-ego of singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist producer Christian Johnson (aka Chris Rose). Regular readers of The Static Dive will remember the musician from his fabulous stoner-funk house party, “Smoke and Chill“. That track introduced a talented and eclectic Maryland native with a taste for classic soul vibes.

Since debuting earlier this year, SugaRiot has released a string of singles and videos. Each new track explores a different corner of the funk realm with a sound reminiscent of 70s and 80s luminaries like Prince, P-Funk and Cameo. As a songwriter Chris infuses his tracks with wisdom and a healthy dose of comedy, whether he is singing about getting high or surviving the pandemic.

“Penny Jar” is the latest track from SugaRiot, released worldwide via YouTube on December 5, 2022. A jazz guitar opens the track with dreamy seventh chords before the beat drops on a chilled downtempo r&b slow jam. The singer steps to the mic for a bit of Outkast-style falsetto funk. 

An organic ensemble of bass, drums, guitar and electric piano sets the mood. They lay down a mellow neo-soul groove. On the mic, SugaRiot offers his services as an unconditional confidante and shoulder to cry on.

"If it's one thing that the pandemic taught my tribe is that we have to stick together, because people at the top stand to make a lot of money and power if they can tear us apart."

Check out “Penny Jar” below. You can also hear the track on SoundCloud. Follow the links below to connect with SugaRiot. Get on his socials and dig into an already deep catalog of classic East Coast soul from a dynamic and diversely talented artist.

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