Cultural Frequency – Heard The News Today?

cultural frequency

Cultural Frequency is an independent alternative rock band based out of Valladolid, Mexico, on the Yucatan peninsula. With an already well established reputation as an explosive live act, the group recently dropped a brand new album. To capture that live energy they headed to the alternative rock Mecca of Seattle, Washington to work with a legendary producer.

Jack Endino has engineered and/or produced some of punk, grunge, and alternative rock’s seminal works. His résumé includes Nirvana’s Bleach, Soundgarden Screaming Life/Fopp, and dozens more. Cultural Frequency’s new LP is the latest entry in the Grammy-winner’s prestigious catalog.

Heard the News Today? is the new album by Cultural Frequency, released worldwide via all major streaming services on February 6, 2023. The record is an exciting and organic rock & roll performance from a band with a southwestern style, virtuosic chops and a punk heartbeat. Endino beautifully captures the unmistakable live chemistry between Lisse Osorio (guitar), Juan Carlos Miranda (drums), Jake Adams (bass/composer) and Zac Adams (vocals/lyrics). It’s the sound of guitar-driven rock from past decades, blowing across the desert as a punk rock preacher speaks the truth.

The record opens on “Alien Punks”, a smart and biting commentary on police harassment and racial profiling. The tune also introduces the band’s cool country/punk vibe. Like the late/great Mark Sandman’s groundbreaking band Morphine, Cultural Frequency creates wide skylines with slow melodic basslines, percussive drums and loose, bluesy guitar. On tracks like “Current Events’ ‘ and the aptly titled “Grunge Cowboy”, vocalist Zac Adams meets that western punk/funk with a cool John Doe storytelling style.

The band weaves a wide array of influence into their sound. From Johnny Cash-inspired lonesome cowboy torch songs like “Red Eye” and “My Desert Rose”, to the cinematic AOR storytelling of “Snake Prophet” and “Countdown”, they slide easily between jazz licks, dissonant chords, and complex bass & drum sub-rhythms.

They introduce a bit of art-rock complexity to the exotic “Shade”. Here and throughout the album, Osorio’s melodic jazz/punk guitar stylings recall a young Tom Verlaine, (Television’s visionary guitarist who passed away on  January 28, 2023). The record closes on the fun and slightly wacky “American Spirit”. The track pairs some Stan Ridgway-style half-spoken/half-sung freeform social commentary with an energetic groove that spins all of the disparate elements of the album into a fun rock & roll stew.

Check out Heard the News Today? in its entirety below, or listen on your favorite streaming service. You can also hear the track “American Spirit” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Cultural Frequency. Get on their socials and get in the loop on all the music to come from this exciting new band.

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