Kiddo Scoobie – In Another World

kiddo scoobie

Kiddo Scoobie is an independent hip-hop artist from Alabama. The veteran rapper has been making music for over a decade and debuted his solo project in 2015 with the single “Cash Convo”. That track introduced a skilled Southern emcee with a verbose lyrical flow and a taste for hard 808 beats.

Since his debut, the prolific Kiddo Scoobie has released over a dozen singles, a six-song EP and three full-length albums. He has connected with hip-hop fans around the world with underground hits like “ADHD” and “Rap Game”. After remaining relatively quiet through COVID, the rapper is coming back hard with his second album in less than a year.

“In Another World” is the brand new album from Kiddo Scoobie, released worldwide via all major streaming services on February 10, 2023. The 11-song collection offers the rapper’s real-life view of life on the streets of his hometown of Birmingham. He raps about life, love, drugs and his own philosophical views on all the above.

"I love my city, but it can get crazy here in da most random instances. So that shit motivates me to get out and grow as a person and artist."
kiddo scoobie
Kiddo Scoobie

From the laid-back vibe of “Get Out The Way ” to the introspective rhymes and gangsta beat of “100 Dolla Tearz”, Kiddo Scoobie pairs a witty lyrical style with hard trap grooves. Along the way he drops pop culture references to everyone from the Energizer Bunny to Superman and Mike Tyson. 

The rapper cites iconic rappers like Biggie Smallz, Jay-Z, and UGK as inspiration. Like them, he writes as both participant and observer. On tracks like “2nd Line Muzik”, “#BAPEBOYZ” and “FOLD”, he is right in the game. The songs are no-frills reports of life in the hustle.

As the record progresses, Kiddo Scoobie’s rhymes dig deeper into meaning behind and beyond the game. He drops a bit of hip-hop Zen on “Fluidity” and gets romantic with some lo-fi dream-pop vibes on the trap slow jam “Serendipity”. The rapper brings all of these elements together on the powerful title track, as he rhymes to his lover about escaping our troubled world.

Check out the “BEOS” video below. Listen to the whole album on your favorite streaming service. You can also hear Kiddo Scoobie’s excellent “Nvr Not Wrkn” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below to connect with the artist. Get on his socials and get in the loop.

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