DreadpooL – Nothing Comes Easy


DreadpooL is the professional name of veteran producer Carlton Carpenter II. The Washington, DC native started his musical journey in the third grade when he began training on the clarinet. Years later he studied baritone saxophone as a student at his hometown’s prestigious Duke Ellington School of the Arts. He made his first beats as a student at Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, GA.

Back then he went by the name Crescendo, and he continued making beats for a number of years before shifting his attention to his other passion, photography. However, the music eventually came calling again. Now based in Springfield, Virginia, he made his debut as DreadpooL in 2015. Since then, the prolific producer has dropped a remarkable volume of work including over 80 singles.

“Nothing Comes Easy” is a recent single from DreadpooL, available worldwide via all major streaming services. A lo-fi piano riff opens the track before the beat drops on the syncopated funk of a classic jazz breakbeat groove. A live natural bass rumbles the floor. On the mic, a rapper delivers an inspirational verbose lyrical freestyle in honor of the grind. In the bridge the jazz continues with a soulful sax solo and smooth electric piano vibes.

Check out “Nothing Comes Easy” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Beat playlist, or listen on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links below to connect with DreadpooL.

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