JoTre’s Dark-Pop Trap Outsider Anthem


JoTre is the professional name of emerging independent recording artist, Johnny Trevino. The genre-bending producer is making his solo professional recording debut in 2023. However, this new solo project is but the latest chapter in a lifelong musical journey.

Born and raised in Texas, Johnny Trevino served two tours in Iraq before being honorably discharged from the US Army and returning to his home state to raise three kids with his wife of twenty years. Throughout his travels, Johnny made music. When he decided to go public, JoTre was born.

“Out of Place” is the debut single from JoTre, released worldwide via all major streaming services on May 24, 2023. The track opens on a bed of ambient minor-key synths as the beat drops on a classic 808 trap groove. A deep sawtooth bass, syncopated percussion and layered vocal harmonies create an otherworldly minor-key vibe as the singer steps to the  mic with an impassioned dark pop anthem for the disaffected, the outsiders, and the disillusioned.

Watch the emotionally powerful “Out of Place” video below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Dive playlist, or listen on your favorite streaming service. We had the chance to chat with JoTre. Check out his answers to our 8 questions below. Follow the links at the end of this article to connect with the artist.

8 Questions with JoTre


Where are you from?

I’m a Texas based artist. I was born in Temple, TX in 1981.

How long have you been making music?

Artists like Boston and Journey still make me think of my mom cleaning the house while this was blasting in the background. Early teens, I wrote poems and music to get things out of my head. Middle and High school bands taught me to read sheet music and how to really keep rhythm. I taught myself FL Studio and one thing led to another. All together probably 15 – 20 years of combined very amateur songwriting and production.

Who are the musicians involved in your project?

Asked another producer, Drekos, and another musician, Marvin Fockens, to help me out. This is my first release and I needed people to help me navigate the final production and mastering process. They were amazing !!

Who are your biggest musical influences?

Boston, Randy Travis, Michael Jackson, Cypress Hill, Genesis, Whitney Houston, Pat Benatar, Prince (one of the greatest guitarists of all time I might add), Eric Clapton (another great), Hank Williams, Hank Williams Jr, Madonna, Reba McEntire, Journey, Dolly Parton, Bo Burnham and The Judds.

What is your greatest non-musical influence?

My wife of 20 years is probably more vital to me than my right arm at this point. She is a powerful influence in my thought process. Following right behind her are my 3 adult children. They all bring a unique perspective to the conversation.

What inspired you to create this project?

I created “Out of Place” to be a timeless outsider’s anthem. My children’s struggles to be themselves were the main sources of material. I like to write and produce music that comes with unifying messages about divisive topics. I have a lot of material and stories from my life to fuel this kind of music, so it is easier to pull from a source that is important to you.

What are your plans for the future (musically)?

I hope to keep improving, as a father, husband, producer, and most importantly as a human being that lives on this planet with other humans just like myself. People that think, look, act, pray, and understand the world around them differently than I do. I want to improve how well I can find that common thread that binds us together.

Hopefully I get to keep making more music that inspires, challenges thought, and gets stuck inside your head till you go crazy!

Is there anything else you would like to say?

You can find me on all streaming services Spotify, Amazon, Apple, YouTube Music, ect