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Noah Avery is an old friend of this site. We have followed his remarkable musical journey over the course of five albums. He released his debut solo LP A Lone Image in 2018. That record introduced a deeply talented musician and writer with a singularly unique perspective on life and music, formed by tragedy, love, and perseverance.

By profession, Noah Avery is a music teacher. However, he has not spent much time in the classroom in recent years. Prior to launching his solo career as a recording artist, the Las Vegas musician was diagnosed with cancer. His ongoing battle for survival spawned a years-long introspective spiritual and philosophical search for meaning, and for more.

God is Great is the brand new album from Noah Avery, released worldwide via all major streaming services on March 29, 2023. Noah doesn’t release singles. It would break the narrative. Each of his albums is intended to be listened to in its entirety. They are cerebral, emotional journeys that cut to the very essence of human existence. His latest, cuts the deepest of all.

From the dark rhythmic poetry of “God is Great, Part 1” to the epic bombast of the song’s sequel, the album closer, God is Great is a complex examination of faith, doubt, loss, and human folly. It is a story populated by charlatan spiritual leaders and misguided masses, narrated by a man who continues to search for the beauty in humanity, behind the ugliness it creates.

Musically, Noah Avery is a boundlessly talented multi-instrumentalist. He composes, performs, and produces every note on his albums. Though his sound is best described as progressive rock, the term seems grossly insufficient. On his records, the story and the music are one and the same. Songs flow together as one in an ever-evolving sonic tapestry painted in shades of jazz, electronic, classical and rock & roll.

He explores dark existential dilemmas with deep synths and live drums on “Mr. Wrong, Pt. 1” and later gives the character a bit of metal and even some hip-hop on “Mr. Wrong, Pt. 2”. Cutting edge electronic experimentation on tracks like “Screaming at the Sky” lead to ethereal and sometimes ominous moments of ambient reflection like “Up Above” and “Angel”.

Whether dropping funky avant-garde jazz grooves (“Winter”), or meditating on post-rock vibes (“Shades of Gray”), Noah Avery lets the story dictate the music. That story is one of a man attempting to cast away the pain of the past and embrace the beauty that remains. “Out of the Dark” is a trippy meditation in the second half of the record. As the mostly instrumental piece fades away, we hear Noah quietly offer a simple view of paradise, “Joy with no pain. Love with no cause.”

Listen to God is Great┬áin its entirety below, or on your favorite streaming service. You can also hear “Up Above” on the Deep Indie Chill and “Winter” on the Deep Indie Jazz playlists. Follow the links below to connect with Noah Avery.

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