Suki Rae Readies Romantic New ‘A Slice Of Moon’

suki rae

Suki Rae is an award-winning composer and world-renowned musician with a career that has spanned more than thirty years. She is a classically trained flutist, singer, and songwriter who has performed around the world. She has even worked on a project with Oasis.

In addition to her extensive history in live performance, Suki Rae has been a musician in residence in locations from Israel to Spain. Over the years, the multifaceted artist has released eight recordings. In September she will drop the brand new CD “A Slice of Moon”. Suki composed and produced all of the tracks on the 10-song collection. Throughout the record, Suki delivers virtuosic performances on vocals, flute, and keys while being accompanied by a roster of world-class musicians. 

"The album is an exposé for those who have loved madly, loved and lost, or yearn for love."
Suki Rae Readies Romantic New 'A Slice Of Moon' 1
Suki Rae

“Come Fly Away” is the first of three singles to be released before the full 10-song CD is available September 8, 2023. The song dropped worldwide via all major streaming services and Bandcamp on June 23, 2023. An accordion accompanies Suki’s flute as she introduces the tune. Soon, an organic mix of drums, percussion, guitar and bass enter the mix. The tune slides into a mellow tango groove as the singer offers a romantic escape fantasy.

“I Will Wait For You” is the second single from “A Slice of Moon”, released worldwide via all major streaming services and Bandcamp on July 21, 2023. An analog synth opens the track with hypnotic minor-key arpeggios as Suki Rae steps to the mic. She delivers a poetic promise to her lover amid a dreamy downtempo mix of ambient keys, percussion, strings, and flute.

Suki Rae was kind enough to share with us an advance copy of “A Slice of Moon”. Throughout the CD, the talented songwriter and producer weaves a rich genre-bending cultural mix of contemporary pop and music traditions from around the world. From the Broadway inspired theatrical pieces like the opener “Partners in Crime” to the ragtime-infused pop of “Baby You Came Along”, “A Slice of Moon” is a musically sophisticated and adventurous collection. 

The songs examine love in all its permutations, with a timeless mix of musical styles. Songs like the title track and “Catherine Street” match beautiful jazz-infused pop moods and city scenes with poetic and romantic imagery. Suki adds some Big Easy vibes on “Just Because of a Kiss”. Throughout the record, Suki Rae is joined by a world-class ensemble of players. It is a beautifully produced record that pairs virtuosic musicianship with richly woven tales of love, loss, and renewal.

Check out both “Come Fly Away” and “I Will Wait For You” below. You can also hear both songs on the Deep Dive : Pop & Rock playlist.  You can also hear Suki’s music on Bandcamp, or listen on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links below to connect with Suki Rae. The singer has a string of new single releases planned for the coming months, all leading up to the September release of her new album A Slice of Moon. Get on her socials and get in the loop.

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