Big Bus Dream Offers Exclusive Pre-Release Single

Big Bus Dream is the long-running solo project of veteran alternative singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist producer, Mike Shannon. Since 2006, Shannon has released five albums of smart, genre-bending rock, pop, and Americana. Regular readers of The Static Dive will remember his 2021 LP, Giant in My Mind.

“C’mon Dream” is the brand new single from Big Bus Dream, dropping everywhere via all major streaming services on August 17, 2023. The song is also the title track of their sixth album, due for release this Fall. Fans can get early access to the single now, available exclusively via the band’s website. The site offers a preview of the single and the option to purchase a full pre-release download of the track, and become eligible for future discounts.

Both the album and the single are inspired by Shannon’s dreams. The song’s surreal stylistic soundscape mirrors the tune’s dreamy backdrop. On the mic, a weary poet sings a sleepy and wistful love song to his subconscious. Meanwhile the band plays a jazzy island groove, marked by unexpected time-changes and some cool Eagle-style harmonized guitar solos.

Go to bigbusdream.com now. Listen to the single, download your pre-release copy, and sign-up for future discounts on the new LP. Follow the links below to connect with Big Bus Dream.

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