Ingvay To Drop Exciting New Live LP & Video


Ingvay is back with an exciting and innovative new studio album. We last heard from the multi-talented musician two years ago upon the release of his single “Before You Lose Your Mind“. That track introduced The Static Dive readers to a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and band leader from Germany with a cool rootsy Americana vibe.

Since his 2017 debut, the prolific producer has released three full-length albums and connected with fans throughout Europe. He and his band spent much of 2022 on the road. Ingvay wanted to capture the energy of their live set in a studio quality recording. So they hosted a headphone concert at Magic Mile Music’s studio complex in Hannover, Germany. A small audience of fans and friends listened to their performance via headphones in an otherwise silent room.

“Midnight Journey” is the debut single from the forthcoming album INGVAY – One Magic Mile. The track is an introspective tale about time and aging set to an upbeat roots rock groove. On the mic, the singer uses the setting of a midnight walk as a metaphor for our passage through time. He sings of the clarity of thought and evolution of priorities that comes with experience. The recording is pristine and the band’s excellent performance pops with live energy.

The new album will drop later this year, with the first single “Midnight Journey” hitting the streets on August 18. Follow the links below to connect with the artist. Get on his website and socials and get in the loop and get ready for INGVAY – One Magic Mile.

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