Pixelanddigital Drops New Lunar Loops


Pixelanddigital is the musical moniker of a multi-talented emerging digital artist and music producer. The multifaceted creator debuted the project this summer with the rapid-fire release of five EPs of original genre-bending electronic music. Those records introduced a talented electronic recording artist with sound inspired by years of musical experimentation.

Early on, Pixelanddigital found inspiration in the sometimes avant-garde world of electronic music pioneers like Aphex Twin, Kraftwerk, and Daft Punk. In recent years, the composer has developed a unique sound influenced by a wide range of genres from IDM to dubstep, techno, and ambient. Their latest throws a heavy dose of classic retro-synths into the mix. The five-song set is a fun ride through decades of electronic dance music, filtered through a classic analog synth lens.

Lunar Loops is the brand new EP from Pixelanddigital, released worldwide via all major streaming services on August 19, 2023.¬† The record opens with a pair of cinematic synthwave instrumentals, with the early Depeche Mode vibes of “Deliver Us the Moon ” and the Jan Hammer-esque “Space Driver” which¬† touch Jan Hammer. Here and throughout the record, the producer matches the retro sounds with very modern production and EDM song structures.

“Reach the Night” pairs a driving tech house groove with lush ambient synths. A female vocalist opens the track, dreamily riffing on the song title, then the beat drops on a driving tech house groove. The singer returns once more with a wistful yet hopeful ballad, before the drop lands on some epic EDM.

On “Favourite”, the adventurous producer mixes a bit of jungle house into his synthy motif. After a banging instrumental intro, a male vocalist offers a soulful torch-song lament. Soon the beat takes us back to the dance floor. The record closes on the fist-pumping anthem, Unstoppable. Pixelanddigital weaves threads of techno, house, trance, and synthwave into this exciting electro-rocker.

"I believe that music, especially electronic music, has the power to transport listeners to different dimensions, and I aim to be the captain of that sonic spaceship."

Check out Lunar Loops in its entirety below, or listen on your favourite streaming service. You can also hear the tracks “Reach the Night” and “Unstoppable” on the Deep Dive : Dance & Electronic playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Pixelanddigital.

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