Jennifer Tefft Wages Love And War

Jennifer Tefft Wages Love And War 1

Jennifer Tefft is an award-winning independent recording artist who made her professional recording debut in 1997 with the album Dig This Thing. Her sound matches intense rhythms with melancholy textures and haunting vocals. This year the Boston musician introduced her new backing band The Strange, featuring drummer Chris Georgenes, and bassist Stephen “Sharky” Beccia, and longtime guitarist John Parrillo.

Since her debut, the prolific Jennifer Tefft has released a string of successful albums and singles. Her music has appeared on national television productions such as Cruel Summer, CSI, MTV, Stargate Universe, One Life To Live, The Young & The Restless and many others. She is also a perennial leading voice in her hometown’s red-hot music scene. 

“Love and War” is the brand new single from Jennifer Tefft, released worldwide via all major streaming services on September 8, 2023. The track opens on a percussive jangly guitar swamp-rock beat. Jennifer Tefft steps to the mic with a soulful and bluesy tale of love and confusion. She sings “is it you, or is it me?” as the brand slides into mid-tempo alt-rock groove.

Check out “Love and War” below. The track was produced, recorded, and mixed by Munk Duane at Bad Stella studio, and mastered by Hans DeKline (U2, The Pixies, Lisa Loeb etc). You can also hear the song on the Deep Dive : Pop & Rock playlist, or listen on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links below to connect with Jennifer Tefft.

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