Riverstar’s Mystical Musical World


Riverstar is an emerging independent composer and recording artist who made her solo professional debut in 2022 with the album The Land of Zania. That record introduced both the mystical fantasy world of its title, as well as the visionary young musician who created it. Inspired by the video games she loves to play, after cutting her teeth remixing video game soundtracks, River created her own musical universe inspired by a game that is yet to be created.

In little more than a year since her debut, the prolific producer from Wisconsin has released a remarkable volume of work, including three albums, an EP, and two singles. Riverstar’s unique brand of rhythmic and melodically complex instrumental electronic music has connected with fans around the world, thanks to popular tracks like “The Clouds’ Dance” and “Rock-a-bye Cave”. Her latest is already proving to be her biggest hit yet.

"I plan to not only be able to be a successful musician, but to even have an official “The Land of Zaina” video game created. I’ve been told that girly video game music won’t work well in the music industry, but I’ve made a splash so far!"
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The Land of Zaina (Leilani and the Mystical Forests) is the brand new EP from Riverstar, released worldwide via all major streaming services on September 3, 2023. On the six-song set, River paints vivid visual soundscapes. From the swirling melodies and syncopated sub-rhythms of “Leilani and Ophelia’s Bubblefly Garden” to the pristine crystalline sounds of “The Icy Sanctuary”, she sets the scene with the title and then fills the page with vibrant musical color.

“The Underwater Ghost-Fish Forest ” opens on a melancholy melody before floating on a wave of ethereal electronic strings and woodwinds. “The Upside Down Forest” is a quirky and fun groove featuring hypnotic percussive arpeggios and a fun bouncing bass. “On the Treetops” has a more ominous and dramatic minor-key vibe, before “The Floral Arena” introduces some uptempo pizzicato action.

Check out The Land of Zaina (Leilani and the Mystical Forests) in its entirety below, or listen on your favorite streaming service. You can also hear “On the Treetops” on the Deep Dive : Chill playlist and “The Upside Down Forest” on Deep Dive : Dance & Electronic. Follow the links below to connect with Riverstar.


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