Ora Buena’s Jazzy Citrus Pop Love

ora buena

Ora Buena is the professional name of the songwriting and recording duo of multi-instrumentalist Jacob Winthrop and vocalist Julia Massey. The pair is making their professional recording debut in 2023 with a dreamy and citrus-fueled love song. They refer to their sound as ‘decadent jazz-influenced pop’.

Jacob Winthrop is a songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who first picked up the guitar at just 11 years-old. In the ten years since, he has written hundreds of songs, played dozens of shows, worked with high-profile industry professionals, and attended Boston’s prestigious Berklee College of Music. With Ora Buena, he and Julia are pairing positive vibes with timeless pop hooks.

"We emphasize the importance of love as a muse for music making..."
ora buena
Ora Buena

“Mango Baby” is the debut single from Ora Buena, released worldwide via all major streaming services on September 30, 2023. A solo nylon-string guitar opens the track with a melodic chord progression. Massey steps to the mic for a fun and sweetly sexy love song, delivered with a string of slightly suggestive fruit metaphors. A lo-fi ensemble joins in and lush vocal harmonies paint the edges of the mix, and Jacob lays down a tasty jazz guitar solo.

Check out “Mango Baby” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Dive : Pop & Rock playlist, or listen on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links below to connect with Ora Buena. Get on their socials and join them on this new musical journey.

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