Abandoned Space Man’s Dreamy Space Walk

abandoned space man

Abandoned Space Man is a veteran musician and emerging electronic music producer and recording artist. He is making his debut in 2023 with a dreamy, genre-fluid sci-fi vibe. After years of playing in rock & roll bands, the Virginia-based composer found international success when one of his songs was played at the Olympics in Torino, Italy.

Currently preparing the release of his debut EP, Abandoned Space Man has leaked some teasers on his YouTube channel. Citing the inspiration of pioneering electronic artists like Kraftwerk, and psychedelic rock gods Pink Floyd, he creates otherworldly grooves and chilled extra-terrestrial moods. A recent medical diagnosis has given the project added significance.

"I was recently diagnosed with Parkinson's disease so the shaking may soon have an affect on my abilities, but for now, I plan to complete this EP in the next few weeks."
Abandoned Space Man's Dreamy Space Walk 1
Abandoned Space Man

“Space Walk” is the brand new single from Abandoned Space Man, available worldwide via the artist’s YouTube channel. The track opens on ambient synths riding a chilled trip-hop groove. A female vocalist steps to the mic for a hypnotic meditation on the sights scene by an astronaut on a space walk. Ethereal vocals, psychedelic effects, and syncopated electronic percussion paint the edges of the mix as the track slides into deep space.

Check out the “Space Walk” video below. The single comes from Abandon Space Man’s forthcoming debut EP. The project’s space theme is inspired by the composer’s father who was an engineer on NASA’s legendary Apollo missions. Follow the links below to connect with the artist, and join him on this fascinating musical journey.

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