Andrea Pizzo & The Purple Mice Drop New Bombshell

andrea pizzo

We first heard from Andrea Pizzo in 2020 upon the debut of his Purple Mice project. Excerpt from Potatoes on Mars introduced The Static Dive readers and the world to the experimental sci-fi sounds of a groundbreaking multi-genre Italian songwriter & producer, his wife and songwriting partner Raffaella Turbino, and their crew of like minded pop and rock virtuosos from around the world.

Since their debut Andrea Pizzo and The Purple Mice have released six singles, an EP, and the popular 2022 full-length LP Potatoes on Mars. The band has connected with fans around the world and amassed millions of streams on multiple platforms with tracks like “Ada” and “Among the Stars”. They recently dropped their first new music of 2023.

“Bombshell” is the brand new double single from Andrea Pizzo, available worldwide via all major streaming services. The single and its b-side “The Ballad Of Alan Mathison”, each pays tribute to a great mind who has been overlooked by history. In true Purple Mice fashion, the songs are a genre-bending explorations of science and history.

The title track is an experimental electronica dance/rock song about Hollywood beauty queen and groundbreaking wireless technology inventor, Hedy Lamarr. Retro keys ride a disco-infused house groove as Andrea sings from the perspective of the bombshell who inspired the tune. “The Ballad Of Alan Mathison” opens as a stark lo-fi ballad lament.  The singer tells the tragic tale of mathematical genius and Enigma code-cracker, Alan Turing. Soon the band joins in and transforms the track into a jazz-infused prog-rock jam.

"Both [Turing and Lamarr] during their lives, especially at the end, were victims of prejudice and human wickedness. We felt it was our duty to celebrate them."
andrea pizzo
Andrea Pizzo

Checkout the “Bombshell” video below. You can also hear that song on the Deep Dive : Dance & Electronic, and “The Ballad of Alan Mathison” on the Deep Dive : Pop & Rock playlists. Or listen on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links below to connect with Andrea Pizzo and The Purple Mice.

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