Isaiah Mclaughlin’s New Reanimation

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Regular readers of The Static Dive know Isaiah McLaughlin well. We have followed his musical journey since the release of his 2021 EP Narcissist.  That record introduced a multifaceted and uniquely talented singer, songwriter, and producer. 

Isaiah Mclaughlin has carved a unique niche in the music world. Since debuting in 2019 with a pair of singles, the prolific producer has released five EPs and three full-length albums. His music is an eclectic mix of experimental electronic music and soulful avant-garde alt-pop. His latest album takes that sound to new heights.

"This album represents the finest piece of work I've released to date."
Isaiah Mclaughlin
Isaiah Mclaughlin

Reanimation is the brand new album from Isiah Mclaughlin, released worldwide via all major streaming services on August 25, 2023. From the opening orchestral strings “Stratosphere” to hypnotic rhythms of the title track, the fourteen-song set is an emotional multi-genre ride. Glitch electronics (“Surrender to the Rhythm”) and EDM beats (‘Like a Bee”) meet dark wave alternative rock guitars (“The Park”) and cerebral Laurie Anderson-style pop experimentation.

Lyrically, Isaiah Mclaughlin weaves complex layered religious imagery (“Crucify”, “Heavenly Droplets”) with esoteric personal observations about life, family, and love (“Heartbreaker”). The mix of raw emotion and genre-smashing production techniques creates an otherworldly effect. Along the way he explores ethereal dream-pop (“Fields of Gold”), dark-pop (“Carnival”), and industrial vibes (“Break the Chains”)  

Check out Reanimation in its entirety below, or listen on your favorite streaming service. You can also hear the songs “Stratosphere” and “Sleep” on the Deep Dive : Pop & Rock playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Isaiah Mclaughlin.

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