Milana Zilnik’s New Adventures In Wonderland

milana zilnik

We first heard from Milana Zilnik back in 2020 upon the release of her album Abracadabra. That record introduced an award-winning musician and composer with a cinematic sound built on elements of classical, rock, and jazz. 

Originally from Ukraine, the lifelong musician lived in Israel for many years. She now calls Ottawa, Canada home. Milana made her solo professional recording debut in 2012. Over the ensuing decade, the prolific composer has produced a remarkable volume of work. With over two dozen albums and twice as many singles in her catalog, Milana Zilnik has connected with fans and fellow musicians around the world. 

Abracadabra was a concept album, the story of a fantastical journey. The project was born when Milana Zilnik and husband Arty Sandler (her partner in life and music) purchased a hang pan, a percussive/melodic instrument from Switzerland that resembles an inverted steel drum. Their new album continues that journey, all the way to Wonderland.

Metamorfosi is the brand new album from Milana Zilnik, released worldwide via all major streaming services on October 27, 2023. The record follows the story of a composer who begins writing music for the “Alice in Wonderland” story, and by doing so accidentally opens a portal in her piano. Like poor Alice, the musician falls down the rabbit hole and lands in a steampunk Wonderland.

From the percussive downtempo tic-toc rhythm and haunting melancholy of “The Hatch” to the epic cinematic coda “The Other Journey”, the thirteen-song set offers another glance through the looking glass, from a completely new perspective. As the composer falls into this parallel world, she actually metamorphoses into Alice. Orchestral strings and ethereal vocal harmonies set the scene for our heroine as she encounters her own fears in a strange new world on tracks like “Curiouser and Curiouser” and “Jabberwocky”. 

Emotional themes and power-ballads like “A Game” and “Bending Time” meet Caribbean grooves and soul-stirring vocals on the excellent Latin jazz-infused “Queen of Hearts”. Throughout the story, Milana Zilnik moves musical instruments and genres around like pieces on a chess board. She paints her canvas with a palette of beautiful interwoven strings and vocals on tracks like “At The Door ”, and hypnotic syncopated hang pan percussion on the title track.

Check out the wonderfully trippy “Metamorfosi” video below, as well as the entire LP including liner notes written by the artist. Or listen on your favorite streaming service. You can also hear the songs “Queen of Hearts” and “Point of No Return” on the Deep Dive : Jazz & Classical playlist, and “Reflecting the Sky” on the Deep Dive : Chill. Follow the links below to connect with Milana Zilnik.

Artist's Notes:
1. The Hatch - the hatch opens in the grand piano, beginning of the story
2. Down the Rabbit Hole - the fall down, anticipation of the unknown, fear for what is left behind.

3. Curiouser and Curiouser - once the fall ended, Composer found herself in a small room, like the one from Alice's story. Surrounded by surreal surroundings.

4. The Choice - Composer has to make the choice whether to go forward or return back to the reality

5. Metamorfosi - Composer decides to go on and transforms into Alice to enter Wonderland. This track is about the process of transformation itself

6. At the Door - Now in the Alice form, Composer opens the door and enters Wonderland

7. Point Of No Return - it takes her into Wonderland and there is no turning back

8. Queen of Hearts - Alice-Composer meets the first character - Queen of Hearts. Capricious, arrogant, rather mean and egocentric.

9. A Game - Alice-Composer plays a game of Steampunk chess against the Queen

10. Jabberwocky - Alice-Composer comes to the battle against Jabberwocky, the manifestation of the dark side of her soul.

11. Bending Time - by slaying Jabberwocky, Alice-Composer gets the ability to bend time, changing the history of Wonderland

12. Reflecting the Sky - peace is brought to Wonderland

13. The Other Journey - The story ends, Composer is ready for another adventure.