The OuttaTowners Drop New 3-Song EP

the outtatowners

The OuttaTowners are an emerging genre-smashing band making their debut in 2023. The progressive quintet blends elements of rock, pop, and jazz into their own distinct sound. Based in Seattle, Washington, the assemblage of virtuosos first came together under the direction of saxophonist Tyler Rogers.

Joining Rogers in The OuttaTowners are a crew of the top talent from Seattle’s legendary scene. The roster includes vocalist Savanna Woods (The Voice, season 20), drummer Luca Cartner, bassist and recording engineer Matthew Crissey, and well-known local keyboardist Jacob Martin. Their new record is a showcase for the artistry and technical prowess of this diversely talented troupe.

On October 2, 2023 The OuttaTowners released their debut eponymous three-song EP, via all major streaming services. Throughout the record, the band weaves pop hooks and jazz chops into a smooth and soulful stew. They open the set with a ska-infused take on the punk/metal classic “96 Quite Bitter Things” by CKY. 

Bass and sax duet on the song’s central riff as the band joins in. They gradually transform the track into a mix of swampy blues-rock and wild fusion improv. The OuttaTowners follow with a jazzy take on Alanis Morissette’s multiple Grammy-winning 1998 smash “Uninvited”. The track opens on a cinematic intro before the beat lands on a jazzy prog-rock groove.

They close with “Already Gone”, a soulful relationship post-mortem. Woods recalls an early Melissa Etheridge as she howls “The reason I held on is the reason I’m already gone,” as the band lays down a cool Big Easy funk. The record closes on the ringing seventh chords of Jacob Martin’s grand piano.

Check out The OuttaTowners below. You can also hear “Uninvited” on the Deep Dive Pop & Rock playlist, or listen on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links below to connect with the group.

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