When Mountains Speak’s Transcendental New EP

when mountains speak

We first heard from When Mountains Speak in May, upon the release of their album Old Fades to New. That record introduced us to veteran multi-instrumentalist composer, Steven Clarkson. With a small group of collaborators, Clarkson creates a unique genre-bending sonic experience built on elements of freeform jazz and psychedelic rock.

Since debuting the project in 2020, the prolific producer has released a remarkable volume of work including eighteen albums and a handful of singles. However Steven Clarkson’s musical journey began decades earlier. Over the years he has collaborated with musicians around the world, and all around the legendary music scene of his hometown Austin, Texas.

"I've had some kind of instrument in my hand for the last 40 years."
when mountains speak
Steven Clarkson
When Mountains Speak

Skipping the Divide is the brand new EP from When Mountains Speak, available worldwide via the artist’s website. The record marks Steven’s first collaboration with Phoenix, Arizona-based master tabla player, Shreyas Iyer. The five-song collection takes a mystical ride through a classic rock-infused avant-garde jazz vibe.

From the John Zorn-style noir experimentation of “e=mc3” to abstract electronic infusions of “Dismissing the Envelope”, Skipping the Divide is a musical journey through the mind. Acid-rock guitar and a saxophone take the lead as Clarkson and Iyer lay down a world beat groove featuring tabla, bass, and piano. Steven’s music is mostly improvisational and draws on his faith, life, and loves. 

Check out the wonderfully trippy videos for “Whimstruck” and “Skipping the Divide” below, or listen to the entire EP on their website. Follow the links below to connect with Steven Clarkson and When Mountains Speak. Get on his website and dig into a deep catalog of transcendental tunes.

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