HWINNEUR Drops New LP & Video


HWINNEUR is the professional name of independent recording artist Durand Jean Lay. He was born in the city of Pointe-Noire, Congo-Brazzaville. A veteran of his home country’s music and fashion scenes, he has worked for years to support and promote up and coming Congolese artists. 

Following in the footsteps of his father who was a popular rumba musician, Durand began making music in childhood. With a sound inspired by the music of Africa, his music tell stories of life in Congo-Brazzaville. After participating in a number of different musical projects over the years, he is making his international debut as HWINNEUR. 

MODESTIE is the brand new solo album from HWINNEUR, released worldwide via all major streaming services on November 3, 2023. Throughout the twenty-four track set, the artist blends traditional and modern musical styles. From the opening sawtooth synth pulse of “Mambou nioso nke mambou”, to the ethereal vibes of “Collégue décédé”, HWINNEUR solo debut is a musical journey of rhythm and emotion. 

Although HWINNEUR’s history is in Congolese rumba, his music is a genre-fluid mix that weaves those roots together with elements of pop, afrobeats, amapiano, and hip-hop. The setlist flows smoothly from ballad to banger and back again. The chilled and sexy grooves of tracks like “Ada” and “Zowa”, meet the urgent rhythms of songs like the title track and infectious dance jams like “Penga na Penga” and “Adieux gael tek zarbi”.

We explore a dark pop meditation on “Le mal en mal”. Then HWINNEUR drops some hip-hop and trap vibes on tracks like “Valide’. There are melancholy ballads (“Papa n’est plus la”, “Décés jeannot petrole”), joyful tributes “Hommage mamie”, and a dose of big festival energy (“Chaux anniversaire”, “Heureaux mariage”).

Check out the “Modestie” official music video below. You can also hear that song and “Chaux anniversaire” on the Deep Dive : Dance & Electronic playlist, or listen to the entire album on your favorite streaming service. We had the chance to chat with HWINNEUR about the new record. Read his answers to our 7 questions below. Follow the links at the end of this article to connect with the artist.

7 Questions with HWINNEUR

HWINNEUR Drops New LP & Video 1

Where are you from?

From Congo Brazzaville in the city of Pointe-Noire. The economic capital is my hometown.

How long have you been making music?

Since childhood. I am a legacy coming from my father who was also an artist of the rumba years, in 1936.

Who are the musicians involved in your project?

Very good question. It is a solo work, in major part made by myself. But they must also remember… my songs come to my mind under inspiration after singing. It is where we start to write what I came to see, and announce to the world, as a message related to society in council. I just put my headphones in the studio. I record now and I pose. I also do the choirs of the complete choirs very often made by myself with feminine ways. You will think that is a woman, well it was a man. When it does not arrive with the more complex notes, I intervene. The shark in me calls the phenomenon ‘genie of the art of this time discovered’, because it is unprecedented.

I began singing in childhood in the Gospel, and learned many styles and instruments. Of my album of 24 tracks, I tell you that I finished the record in only 2 months, with some interventions of my young talents of artists in accompaniment that I am promoting. I am a music producer in my city, and encourage them in the arts with the support of local authorities between the Ministry of Culture and Art of my Country.

What are your greatest musical influences?

The full ranking of the countries with the most musical influence in the world: #1 United States, #2 United Kingdom, #3 France, #4 Germany, #5 Canada, #6 Japan, #7 Italy, #8 Sweden. According to the report of global trends google search namely.

What inspired you to create this project? 

Animated by a patient demesurable with the help of Almighty God and our ancestors in belief who accompany me all over the world in this march in support of knowing that I believe in my Bantou culture indigenous people, our values and translation.

What are your plans for the future (musically)? 

Next year on November 24, 2024 at 24 hours 24 another album of 24 tracks that we will still have by my voice HWINNEUR Never look back, and also promote in support young talent by my label HWINNEUR MUSIC (New York), of which I am the founder and I am also open to any form of support assistance in order to carry out in Africa on this project to bring out the talented young women in my country they are many musical cultural.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

I love music. Without music I’m nothing. And thanks to everyone for following me HWINNEUR Never look back from the heavy future. Do not miss it and do not miss me and thank you for sharing the information, subscribe massively on my accounts and likes and leave me your comments. I love you all and may God and our ancestors guard us. Thank you! :.