Jud A. Moller (3D) – J.A.M.3Dsolo23 (EP 2023)

Jud A. Moller (3D)

Jud A. Moller (3D) is an independent recording artist with a unique approach to songwriting. A veteran of numerous bands, he launched his current solo project three years ago. The multi-instrumentalist composer and producer plays every note on his records.

Musically, Jud A. Moller (3D) has an adventurous and genre-fluid sound. He pairs his improvisational instrumental jams with an even more experimental lyrical approach. Whether singing or rapping, all of his lyrics are freestyle improvisations.

Since his debut, the prolific Jud A. Moller (3D) has released over a dozen EPs and albums via SoundCloud. The eclectic musician says his wildly diverse sound was influenced by groundbreaking guitarists Jimi Hendrix and John Frusciante, as well as groove-metal heroes Pantera. He points to his family and his faith as the spiritual inspiration for his music. 

J.A.M.3Dsolo23 (EP 2023) is the brand new EP from Jud A. Moller (3D), released worldwide via SoundCloud on November 30, 2023. From the trash-can punk poetry of “Darkest Hour”, to the Pink Floyd meets Kurt Vile psychedelic love song “More in Love”, the record is a trippy subconscious ride. Jud’s freestyle vocal technique is the common thread that runs through all of his genre explorations.

“No Round” is a groovy mix of lo-fi country hip-hop with some Pavement vibes. Jud A. Moller (3D) then gives a nod to his metal roots on double-kick riff-rocker “Evil Times”. “Right on Time” turns the sound around once more with an emotional open letter set to a radio-ready indie-pop groove.

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