PsychCloned Plans Another Epic Year Of Music


PsychCloned is the creative vision of North Carolina musician Gabriel Pureco. For more than three years, readers of The Static Dive have listened to the eclectic composer and his international cast of players paint otherworldly musical soundscapes. 2023 was a year full of high notes.

The year started with the appropriately titled Road to Greatness. That album kicked off a remarkable run from PsychCloned including a new single every two weeks throughout the final six months of the year. We announced the launch of the project back in July, and since then have been treated to a mind-blowing ride of instrumental experimentation and cinematic genre-smashing.

Once again, PsychCloned has big plans as a new year approaches. In January he will drop the long-awaited sequel to his 2022 concept album Perlivash. The record will take listeners further into the composer’s fantastical video-game inspired universe. However, PsychCloned has one more single before they’re done with 2023.

“Overflow” is the brand new single from PsychCloned, released worldwide via all major streaming services on December 8, 2023. The song is an epic journey filled with soaring guitar solos, thunderous rhythms and anthemic crescendos that blend Celtic and Latin rhythms with math rock melodics. The harmonic duet of Hammon-organ and electric guitars will transport listeners to the stadium rock of legendary bands like Boston and ELP.

Check out “Overflow” by PsychCloned below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Dive : Pop & Rock playlist, or listen on your favorite streaming service

We had the opportunity to chat with Gabriel Pureco about the song, about the new Perlivash II record, and all PsychCloned has planned for 2024. Check out the interview below, and follow the links at the end of this article to connect with PsychCloned.

PsychCloned – Overflow

A Chat with Gabriel Pureco of PsychCloned


2023 was probably the biggest year yet for PsychCloned, beginning with “Road to Greatness” and closing with a remarkable 6-month stretch of bi-weekly singles. How did that all come about?

When I first started arranging the songs for “Road to Greatness”, I knew I wanted to approach it differently than anything else I had done before. With my past albums, I always tried ensuring every song amounted to a bigger part of the overall journey and to always ensure that no matter what song followed the next, that the story felt cohesive but the style of song changed and kept things with an air of mystery. My second album “Tumultuous” was my first true test of arranging a diverse cacophony of songs into a larger story and I wanted to take that concept to the next level.

With “Road to Greatness”, I thought to get more experimental and really test the limits of genre fusing. With that album you get some Latin, Prog, Reggae, Pop, Orchestral, DnB, and even Metal all mixed with doses of Rock, Jazz, and Funk to bring about as alchemical an experiment as you can get! The album turned out to be quite a fun ride. Once I got a taste of just how wild, creative, and free we can get with the sounds and instrumentation, I was craving for more and that’s how “Evershine” and the 6-month biweekly singles came to be!

Even though the “biweekly” releases began with “Resonate” on July 7th, it was really “Evershine” in May that kicked off my foray of endless musical concoctions. From “Evershine” all the way to “Overflow” Listeners and fans got to experience with me the next stages of our musical journey. All to set up what will be the grandest, most epic musical journey yet. Just wait a few more weeks!

Is “Overflow” a continuation of your 6-month run of singles for PsychCloned, or is this the beginning of a new series?

“Overflow” is the 12th song that marks the end of the 6-month run of singles. It was still in early stages of development when last we spoke so it was not ready to be teased or featured. Had to make sure we ended the entire run with a BANG!

You are not afraid to take chances mixing seemingly disparate styles of music into something completely new, from the sultry jazz interludes of “Lady of the Night”, to the Celtic vibes of “Riftwalker”, and the metal power of “Master of Magic”. Is that by design, or is PsychCloned genre-smashing just a happy side-effect of your writing process?

A bit of both! Mostly a happy discovery as part of the writing process but every now and then I get a specific itch to stick to something specific. “Masters of Magic ” was certainly unplanned as I was messing around with an irregular progression and eventually Camilo, Ryan, and I turned it into the Middle Eastern/Latin Prog Rock power surge we know today. “Lady of the Night ” and “Night of the Haunt II”, on the other hand, were planned to help set up the Halloween mood and spirit. For the most part I prefer the “unplanned” route as that tends to showcase my truest intention behind making music, creating songs and stories that anyone can enjoy and that speak for themselves.

You work with artists around the world. Although the list is long, there is a small crew of usual suspects that appear on most of PsychCloned recordings. How do you communicate? Zoom, e-mail, etc? Do you have meetings?

We almost always communicate through messages/chats on Fiverr and/or Instagram. I’ve only ever had a video call with a couple of the artists as we all live in very different time zones and trying to coordinate video calls or virtual meetings can be quite challenging.

I created a group chat on Instagram where we can all chat together, and hype ourselves up for some new launches but I generally stay inactive on social media and only post when I have a teaser to upload. I also want to be mindful in not overly spamming a chat filled with so many people and potentially disrupting someone’s day. There is also the whole language barrier where not everyone speaks the same language. Perhaps as we continue to work together and get to know each other better those barriers will naturally come down and we may begin to be more active as a group? All I know is that in order to even start such a change, I need to be more involved and help connect everyone with each other.

You have Perlivash II dropping on January 5. What made you want to revisit that world?

Oh man! Perlivash was such a blast to make! When Ryan and I took on that epic together, we created it in a way where Perlivash ended with ambiguity. An ending where after having battled the Ancient Red Dragon, rather than hearing the cries of victory, you are filled with a melancholy and somber mood as we try to paint the picture of the battle having ended in a stalemate where neither Dragon nor Perlivash survived the encounter. However, the final outro, “Glimmer of Hope” concludes with just that: Hope. A Hope that Perlivash was still alive, just ‘misplaced’ or ‘transported’ elsewhere. So, naturally, we needed to let the world know he was OK and that the adventure had only just begun!

Is there more to the Perlivash story for PsychCloned, after volume II?

Absolutely! At this time I am not sure how many installments will make up the entire Perlivash discography, but the adventure is far from over! Perlivash has so much world to see, so many places to visit, and ultimately, a destiny to fulfill. He is far too young and inexperienced to be the true Hero he was prophesied to be at birth.

What does the future look like, beyond Perlivash? Are there still uncharted shores for PsychCloned?

I’ve got a couple of really fun songs coming shortly after Perlivash II and even an EP for potentially next summer! This past year we were able to welcome so many new musicians to the family and each and every single one of them brought so much heart, passion, energy, and life to each song that it really transformed the breadth and impact of each song. I look forward to being able to work with everyone again next year as we continue to find fun and creative ways to break the limits of instrumental music. I am sure I will call on the help of more musical virtuosos to bring about an even grander sound and vision to music. Where previously all my music was made from the confines of my room, it has now expanded to the instruments and studios from all around the world to achieve melodies, rhythms, and beats that go beyond even my wildest imagination. The sky’s the limit!

Is there anything else you would like to say?

As always, I cannot express how thankful and appreciative I am of all the people who help inspire and motivate me to make music year after year. Whether it’s the musicians I collaborate with who bring such passion and heart to their performances, the fans and listeners who stream my music, save and share it with their friends and loved ones, and even create playlists around them, or even the writers and influencers, like yourself, who put in such good words about my music and help me reach people I could not reach on my own, the successes of my music is a collective effort and so long as we still feel the same passion to musically explore uncharted waters, the more journeys and adventures that will be waiting for us for years to come!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the love and support! Thank you The Static Dive for yet another opportunity to catch up and speak to my fans. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season ahead! Enjoy time with loved ones, eat plenty of delicious food, stay safe and warm, and be ready for another year full of epic and groundbreaking music! Let’s continue reaching new heights together!

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