Fear Of Falling Gets Deep With Keanu Reeves

fear of falling

We first heard from Fear of Falling back in 2023, upon the release of their single “Looking Out For Number One“. That track marked a comeback for the band who recently reformed after a long hiatus. The record was their first release in over twenty-five years. 

Fear of Falling was a hot touring act throughout the 1990’s. The New Jersey quartet played up and down the East coast, across the midwest, and even through Europe. We chatted with the band about their history back in March. Check out the interview here. Now they’re back, armed with a freshly inked record deal with Quark records.

“Keanu Reeves” is the new single and video from Fear of Falling, available worldwide via all major streaming services. The track opens on a mellow minor-key guitar (Kimon Katafigiotis), bass (Bruce DiBisceglie), and drum (Rob Savoy) groove. Retro keys paint the periphery as vocalist Steve Lanni steps to the mic. 

The singer drops soulful philosophical observations, supported by sampled bits of Zen wisdom. He riffs on dichotomies of life, like the lure of a sinister beauty, or the value of inaction over action. Contemplating existence beyond the self, he sings, “More things to life than what’s inside my head, finding a way out of myself.”

Check out the “Keanu Reeves” video below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Dive : Pop & Rock playlist, or listen on your favorite streaming serviceBoth of the band’s recent singles are also available as limited collector’s edition CD singles. Contact the band at fearoffalling.nj@gmail.com for more information. Follow the links below to connect with Fear of Falling on social media.

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